Mobile ForTeams
Web ForTeams
Admin Portal ForTeams
Gesture Control Ring
#1/ OFLO
Mobile ForTeams
Mobile ForTeams digitized frontline audio communication through real-time Push-To-Talk (PTT) communication, Speech-to-Text(STT) transcription, Text-to-Speech(TTS) readout and advance voice-controlled features
#2/ OFLO
Web ForTeams
A team monitoring and dispatching tool that is optimized for office coordinators. Apart from the basic communication features, Web Forteams has an "At a Glance" interface, which allow coordinators to coordinate team members, check on team status and react to incidents conveniently
#3/ OFLO
Admin Hub ForTeams
An administrative tool for team admins, functions include user and channel management, voice data analytics and visualization, system monitor and settings and other administrative features
#4/ ORII
Gesture Control Feature
From thousands of possibilities, we narrowed down the gestures to those that are intuitive but would also not interfere with everyday functions
A music visualizer built with threejs. By feeding (uploading) music to the Songbird, it will begin to fly and change its hair in synchronized with the music
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